Symphony MediaAI’s revenue management services (RMS) provide best-in-class affiliate finance processes for media companies. These services are a cost-effective way to deliver data normalization, agreement compliance, and accounting of subscriber and transaction fee collections from multiple sources. Through a combination of services from world-class experts and Revedia software, Symphony MediaAI effectively assumes the complexity of revenue management operations, including:

  • Data management and storage
  • Account reconciliation
  • Remittance processing
  • Financial forecasting
  • Full IT and human capital redundancy
  • AR management and collections
  • Month-end reporting
  • Month-end close
  • Agreement administration
  • Billing services
  • Executive summary
  • Data visualization

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While retransmission fees from multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) is now a coveted revenue stream, it has quickly become a large part of broadcasters’ total revenue and valuation and the most important driver of growth. However, many aspects of these fees—compliance, revenue assurance, cash application, and reporting—are complex and laborious and can be costly to manage internally. Symphony MediaAI services manages the process efficiently and effectively.


As license fee accounting has grown more complicated with more complex content distribution contracts and new digital and broadband revenue streams. Symphony MediaAI revenue management services manage this complexity, providing cost-effective, appropriate, actionable and timely reporting that can be used by all stakeholders. These external services reduce risks and provide benefits, including:

  • Cost savings
  • Industry expertise
  • Personnel risk management
  • Issue resolution
  • Managing new revenue types
  • Process improvements
  • Improved reporting
Reverse Compensation

As retransmission consent revenues continue to grow in volume and complexity, calculating, processing, and documenting corresponding fees paid to networks is becoming more difficult to manage. Symphony MediaAI’s reverse compensation accounting and reporting provides broadcasters rapid and reliable revenue assurance on a sustainable and low-cost basis through:

  • Dynamic calculation of reverse compensation payments by station, MVPD agreement, network, or market
  • Quality assurance and elimination of costly re-work
  • Full reconciliation of subscribers by type, with easy to follow, transparent calculation steps for a full audit trail at any time


  • Reduced complexity and labor expense at all levels
  • Full data and audit support, data storage, and exportability
  • Holistic management of retransmission management process: operator, payments, cash applications, and reverse compensation.
  • Cradle to grave management of all retransmission fees and subscriber reporting
Market Carriage Review

Symphony MediaAI’s broadcast carriage review service determines which multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and other distributors are in specifically designated market areas (DMA’s). Identifying operators within a DMA that are not authorized to transmit a broadcaster’s signal help maximize revenue within each DMA.

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Content Management

Symphony MediaAI’s content management service is based on three decades of knowledge and experience to deliver superior contract management, system level subscriber and revenue tracking, meta data management, performance analytics, title library management, license-fee administration, billings, revenue sharing, and collections (AR management).

Symphony MediaAI content management services provide your affiliate sales, programming and finance/accounting groups the ability to view and analyze trending, market, and title data and server optimization. Symphony MediaAI provides content management services for broadcasters, satellite and mobile provider, VOD, and e-Book and gaming providers.


As the value of retransmission consent revenues to broadcasters continues to increase, the material nature of this revenue stream requires more precise and ongoing financial forecasts. Symphony MediaAI provides finance departments monthly reports that deliver:

  • Projections by MVPD and market for service/station, subscriber type, agreement end date, paid subscribers, contract rates, and projected revenue.
  • Variance analysis that compares month-over-month changes in revenue projections by MVPD or specified criteria for calendar year projections, a rolling 12-month period, or any period under review.
  • Supplemental analyses for trending, subscriber seasonality, TV station acquisitions and divestitures, and expanded forecast periods (12 months or more).

Symphony MediaAI’s forecasting services uses a set of standardized but customizable Revedia reports.