For over three decades, Symphony MediaAI has served the media industry as the leading contract compliance and subscriber audit provider in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Central and Latin America.

Symphony MediaAI audits provide the expertise to comprehensively cover the distribution and payment complexity for broadcast, cable television, and digital services programming contracts.

Symphony MediaAI’s contract compliance and subscriber audits encompass all MVPD platforms, including satellite, traditional linear cable, IPTV, and over the top (OTT). The core subscriber audit program includes traditional linear networks, premium networks, and broadcast networks, while the core digital transaction audit program includes VOD movie and event transactions, as well as transactions for music and gaming services.

Symphony MediaAI’s audit services ensure content distribution is consistent with the terms and conditions of distribution agreements and are performing to your full expectations. In addition, Symphony MediaAI audits deliver the transactional and revenue verification content owners need to improve financial transparency in today’s complex environment of new platforms and on-demand and subscription models.

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Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Telco, IPTV, Mobile

Symphony MediaAI audits more than 100 million cable, telco, and IPTV households per year to ensure that the terms of our clients’ distribution agreements are applied accurately.

Symphony MediaAI provides experience and expertise to audit all distribution and payment nuances for traditional cable networks and the retransmission of local broadcast television stations. Symphony MediaAI audit services consider all aspects of cable and retransmission consent contracts with distribution platforms.

Symphony MediaAI audits are comprehensive—we don’t interpolate or extrapolate—and deliver the data to support all material variances (financial and non-financial) in contract terms and source billing data.


As the market leader with International recognition, Symphony MediaAI has a deep understanding of the requirements of local international markets and brings that knowledge to bear on all audit services. Our regular audits in Canada, Central and Latin America, and the Caribbean deliver local expertise, while our deep understanding of European, African, and Asian markets ensures accurate audits in those markets.

Digital Home Entertainment

Symphony MediaAI provides transactional and royalty audit services to digital home entertainment content providers, including electronic-sell-through (EST), video-on-demand (VOD), rental kiosks, and pay-per-view (PPV). Symphony MediaAI audits identify discrepancies in reported transaction counts, royalty fee calculations, and validate compliance with distribution agreements for film and television content. Our audits provide insight and clarity regarding licensee operations, reporting methodologies, and contractual compliance.


Symphony MediaAI provides transactional and royalty audit services to music labels for streams, downloads, and subscriptions that address the complex contract terms and massive data flows that cause concerns over accurate royalty reporting and contractual compliance. Symphony MediaAI audits provide clarity on licensee operations for precise reporting and contract compliance and identify discrepancies in reported transaction counts, royalty fee calculations, and contractual compliance for digital music content.

Video Gaming

The rapidly growing gaming sector has ushered in the need to verify self-reported payments from intermediary distributors, for proper financial controls, and shareholder assurance. Symphony MediaAI audit services for video game publishers measure contract term compliance, clarify variances in contractual interpretations, break down transactional data to the purchase level, and report temporary term adjustments.


Symphony MediaAI’s decades of experience verifying revenue and subscriber data for media companies support publishers as digital sales grow. Symphony MediaAI delivers audit reports publishers can rely on to validate the sales data provided by e-book retailers.

Licensing and Royalty Audits

The complexity of license agreements often results in unintended reporting errors to licensors. Symphony MediaAI provides audit services to rights holders of licensed products and licensed content within the entertainment industry on a worldwide basis. Symphony MediaAI audits identify discrepancies in reported royalty calculations and contractual compliance. We thoroughly review license agreements, licensee systems, processes, and procedures to provide clarity to licensors about how licensee operations contribute to reporting and contract compliance. Our clients receive a comprehensive report detailing audit processes and procedures and findings as a result of the investigation.

Most-Favored-Nations Review

Symphony MediaAI provides independent review, compliance testing, certification, and management of contractually imposed most-favored-nation (MFN) obligations. We assist networks in complying with some of the most troublesome and business impacting requirements imposed by distributors.
The comprehensive Symphony MediaAI MFN review provides financial validation and best-in-class compliance protocols to bolster revenue recognition decisions and validate management decisions. It delivers precise analysis that identifies risks and specific compliance program development or improvement opportunities. We use industry best practices to analyze complex and often ambiguous contractual provisions for your cable, satellite, and new media affiliation agreements, including:

  • Net effective rate (NER) definition, calculation, and methodology
  • Opportunity and risk identification from size and technology limitations, conditional benefits, timing requirements, territorial restrictions, and new media obligations
  • MFN certification

Benefits include:

  • A framework for consistency in contract negotiations
  • Restricts ambiguity in contract language
  • Avoid costly consequences associated with ambiguous interpretation and distributor audits
  • Clarification of obligations