What do you get when you combine the most trusted name in media auditing and revenue management services with a team of leading experts in AI? The foundation for a range of powerful solutions, that only Symphony MediaAI can build:

  • Next-generation software for streamlining and optimizing revenue management.
  • Revenue insights to increase revenue and audience participation for a variety of platforms.

We’ve built our solutions using our decades of experience, to help you expand what you can see, and provide critical analysis of your most valuable information. They’re tools that harness the power of transformative technologies like advanced analytics and AI, to help you address the challenges you face every day.

The next-generation SaaS solution for streamlining your financial operations

Shaped by hands-on experience guiding the industry’s leading content providers, Revedia Revenue Management is a robust, tested, and scalable software solution that meets the precise needs of affiliate financial management, and provides best-in-class tools for managing revenue and maximizing returns. It’s an efficient, cloud-based approach to managing financial and operational activities, enhancing distributor, subscriber and revenue management capabilities, and understanding subscriber activity to drive growth.

Symphony MediaAI provides software solutions and services to best meet your needs. Whether you want to run Revedia Revenue Management software in-house or use in concert with Revenue Management Services, Symphony MediaAI can flexibly and expertly support your specific needs.

“Our decision to transition over to Symphony MediaAI’s Revedia Revenue Management SaaS solution has proven wise not only from a data quality and visibility prospective, but also a cost prospective.  We have reduced software licensing and IT costs and eliminated the headache of having to manage a software solution on our network.  In short they have simplified the complicated… thanks Symphony MediaAI!”

–Aries Massaro, Director NFL Network Distribution
National Football League

National Football League

“One of the reasons we partnered with Symphony MediaAI was we needed the ability to manage our retransmission process and utilize the data to gain insights into our business. Symphony MediaAI has delivered the results we needed. From data integrity and contract compliance to granular carriage level data capture that facilitates analytics to support data-driven decisioning, they have provided what we need. And all without the additional IT overhead associated with managing an on-premise software solution. Their willingness to partner on new analytics requirements, whether in the revenue management services or audit space, has been beneficial to us. They are a true partner.”

–Alison Young, Senior Director, Accounting Operations
The E. W. Scripps Company

The E. W. Scripps Company


  • Comprehensive: Manages daily transactions efficiently and cost-effectively with high visibility and control over your financial and operational needs
  • Secure: Role-based security and fine-grained financial controls
  • Smart: Business logic and programmatic controls assure full reconciliation of financial activities
  • Proven: Manages over $6 billion a year in license fee revenues
  • Intuitive: Modern, easy-to-use, and efficient web-based UI
  • Scalable: Stress-tested to support large data sets and high revenue volumes
  • Multi-tenant SaaS solution: For efficient and hassle-free adoption and use
  • Integrated: Supports data integration with general ledger and CRM software