Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

Reverse Compensation

As Retransmission Consent revenues continue to grow in volume and complexity, work associated with calculating, processing and documenting corresponding fees paid to Networks is becoming more difficult to manage as well. Symphony MediaAI’s addition of Reverse Compensation accounting and reporting completes the lifecycle of financial reporting for Broadcasters to enable them to quickly and reliably provide all stakeholders with proper revenue assurance on a sustainable and low cost basis.

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  • An add-on to Symphony MediaAI’s Retrans Management Service, simplification and increased reliability for dynamic calculation of Reverse Compensation payments in total and by criteria such as station, MVPD contract, Network, market, etc.
  • Elimination of costly re-work, and QC and true-ups are managed for you – tasks that are inevitable given dynamic MVPD payment data (M&A, system consolidation/collapses, errors and corrections, retro adjustments, aging balance updates, unapplied cash).
  • Full reconciliation of subscribers in total and by type, easy to follow, transparent calculation steps for a full audit trail at any time.


  • Reduced complexity – now and as Network affiliation agreements become more complex.
  • Reduced labor expense at all levels.
  • Full data and audit support by Symphony MediaAI, data storage and exportability from Symphony MediaAI’s VMetrics℠ database.
  • Holistic management of entire Retrans Management process – from operator payments to cash applications to Reverse Compensation.