Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

Let Symphony MediaAI do the heavy lifting

Revenue Management Services

Symphony MediaAI’s Revenue Management Services (RMS) with VMetrics℠ is a custom-built service and software solution for media content owners in need of best-in-class data and Affiliate Finance process. At the same time, it is a more cost-effective way to perform the various laborious processes of data normalization, contract compliance and accounting work associated with the collection of subscriber and transaction fees from multiple sources.

What is RMS?

Powered by our VMetrics℠ software solution, Symphony MediaAI absorbs the burdens of building and maintaining your own revenue management operation. We offer:

• Data management & storage
• Account reconciliation
• Remittance processing
• Financial forecasting (For more information about this service, please speak with one of our experts)
• Full IT and human capital redundancy
• Collections
• Month-end reporting
• Month-end close
• Contract administration
• Billing services
• Executive summary

Economical: Whether operating a new enterprise or expanding a mature business into the digital media space, Symphony MediaAI offers a proven, scaled service to ensure your management costs are in line with revenues, so that you can invest more of those dollars into your product. Labor costs are minimized, collections are maximized and total cost of ownership is low.

Customizable: Unlike “off the shelf” solutions, Symphony MediaAI provides a scalable, cost-effective model that addresses your current revenue management needs and can grow with your business utilizing Symphony MediaAI’s proprietary VMetrics℠ software.

Labor Light: We maintain a pool of highly skilled and experienced IT, database, billing and accounting professionals to support your revenue management program and provide your sales and financial management executives with secure and easy access to your data, 24/7.

Adaptable: We constantly invest in our systems and our people to address the latest industry changes and payment methods.

Optimized results: Our clients net 100% of the benefits of enhancements to our program and share only a fraction of the development expense.
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