Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

Qualifications & Experience

As the leading provider of audit and financial management services in the media industry, Symphony MediaAI relies on three decades of experience and expertise to help content suppliers in the financial management and oversight of digital assets.

A history of performance. Symphony MediaAI has conducted thousands of audits since our founding in 1985 as Cable Audit Associates. Our business practices, methodologies and expertise have been proven over the last three decades of client service. During this time, Symphony MediaAI has been instrumental in establishing financial best practices in the management of billions of dollars of license fees and royalty payments earned by cable, satellite, broadcast television and OTT rights holders. As new platforms and devices continue to emerge and media has become increasingly global, Symphony MediaAI has grown our business and our expertise to support our clients’ strategic objectives.

True media expertise. When you engage Symphony MediaAI, you are partnering with the experts in your industry. The depth of our knowledge, expertise and client focus is supported by more than 30 years of industry experience. Symphony MediaAI staff has the intricate knowledge and specific skill sets related to the transactional processes, financial norms and accounting practices of the distribution companies to which you are providing your content. Our pioneering efforts in audit services and revenue management continue to make Symphony MediaAI a destination for all media companies worldwide as they begin to deliver and monetize content on new distribution platforms and consumer devices.

Smart businesses are proactive about fiduciary oversight. When a contract for distribution of your content is executed, a plan should already be in place that enables your organization to effectively manage contract compliance and optimum financial performance over the entire term of each new agreement. Last year’s view of revenue performance may not be an accurate reflection of today’s activity. Distribution agreements need to be managed daily, and audits should be a standard operational requirement for every contract. The earlier in the business cycle this happens, the more leverage you’ll have, with less risk.

Digital media is dynamic. Revenue transactional environments are evolving all the time. Changes to retail and wholesale pricing, supply chain sales flows, bundled offerings, promotional discounting and wholesale retention efforts on subscriber platforms occur more often in the age of ecommerce.

Knowledge really does equal power. The companies that consistently produce the greatest returns on investments and resources are those that actively manage their distribution contracts from day one. Transactions in the digital space are not simple or transparent. As new distribution opportunities emerge, it is imperative that you implement a financial management plan that will identify and mitigate the natural risks that exist in complex transactional environments.

We are more than just bean-counters. The principle purpose of Symphony MediaAI is to assist your organization in maximizing the financial returns on each and every distribution agreement you negotiate. We take on the detailed administrative tasks associated with digital transactions and, in turn, provide your organization with actionable and strategic reports to help you make the best decisions you can.

The media landscape is constantly evolving. As consumers around the world gain more control over how and when they consume media, content owners, suppliers and distributors can no longer plan for the future by relying on past experience. In order for your organization to chart a strategic course for the future, you need metrics you can rely on to assess current and future performance in an ever evolving media ecosystem.