Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

Core Values

Respect and Integrity. As an independent third-party audit firm, the sustainability of our business is all about showing respect: not only to our clients, whom we represent, but also to the parties that are being audited. Our actions reflect our belief that an invitation into one’s office (a client or MVPD) is a privilege, not a right.

Confidentiality and Trust. At Symphony MediaAI, we effectively operate in a marketplace that is steeped in confidential agreements (audit and revenue management) and proprietary data. Our continued access to this data is contingent upon decades of ensuring that all data Symphony MediaAI is entrusted with is protected and used in a manner strictly consistent with our contractual obligations and confidentiality agreements.

Obsession for Accuracy. Symphony MediaAI’s business success is earned one day at a time. Our slogan: “we are only as good as our last report or monthly close” is ingrained in our staff for each monthly close, each audit executed and each audit and revenue management report delivered.

Innovate. The influence of the Internet in the media marketplace, which is altering how consumers access and consume entertainment and information, requires constant vigilance by Symphony MediaAI as the media industry adapts. Symphony MediaAI will continue to evolve and innovate to ensure that we are in sync with the changing requirements of our clients’ businesses.

Exceed Client Expectations. Good is not good enough. Symphony MediaAI will continue to strive to outperform ourselves and our clients’ expectations. Our clients have choices. With more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience in media auditing and revenue management services, our clients recognize that they are working with industry leaders and innovators.

Be the Best and Have Fun. Symphony MediaAI is a company of dedicated and skilled individuals with a strong commitment to excellence. We are, however, committed to creating and fostering a pleasant and fun work environment. While our work is demanding, where excellence and accuracy is the norm, we always strive to create a rewarding and balanced working environment.