Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

Our Company

The leading provider of audit and financial management services for the media industry, Media Audits International (MAI) audits billions of dollars each year in license fees, retransmission consent fees, subscriber fees and royalty payments on behalf of major media companies in the Fortune 500 throughout the world.

In 1985, MAI (then operating as Cable Audit Associates) became the first firm to offer content owners independent, consolidated audits across networks and channels. Today, delivery channels have multiplied, and MAI continues to offer media audits that provide the same degree of understanding and expertise across platforms down to the transaction level. No other firm does what MAI does.

MAI’s services include:

  • Audit
  • Revenue Management
  • Content Management Services

We tailor our services to businesses operating in the following media sectors:

  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • Digital Home Entertainment (SVOD/EST/VOD/PPV)
  • International
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • eBook
  • Mobile