Mark Moeder


Mark is a growth and transformational oriented executive with an extensive knowledge of general technology and the media space. Carrying 20 years of industry experience in the media industry; centering around technology, revenue management, and optimization. Mark joins SymphonyMediaAI from 10 years at WideOrbit Inc, the preeminent ad decisioning and ERP provider for TV/Radio/Cable industries, where he served as chief operating officer. In this capacity, Mark oversaw business operations for WideOrbit’s various product verticals, all externally facing initiatives, special projects, and strategies. Prior to WideOrbit, Mark spent seven years at Google. Serving as technical operations manager, Mark managed operations for Google’s Broadcast division, specializing in the real-time insertion of advertising on live Radio Broadcast streams. Before pivoting to a technology specialization, Mark spent several years in the media industry proper. Holding positions of Operations Manager, Director of Programming and on-air talent to Radio and Television organizations throughout the Midwest.