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Revenue Management Services

Symphony MediaAI Announces An Upgrade To Its Revenue Management Service (RMS). Read the complete details here.

Broadcast Carriage Review

Symphony MediaAI Launches Its Broadcast Carriage Review (BCR) Service. Read the complete details here.

The Future, Without Shocks

The art of forecasting revenue from program distributors involves granular data and answers to a lot of questions. Read the full article here.

Symphony MediaAI to Launch Digital Audit Program for OTT

As over-the-top providers and “skinny bundle” video packages continue to be an increasingly important part of the programming business, Symphony MediaAI, the Denver-based audit firm, said it plans to launch a digital audit program to audit distribution carriage agreements and subscriber/transactional records maintained by OTT content distributors. Read the full article here.

Over-the-Top Audit Program

In an effort to keep up with the evolving Pay TV ecosystem, Symphony MediaAI is excited to offer an additional and separate Over-the-Top (OTT) audit program as an option to all programmers and broadcasters.  Read the full article here.


Symphony MediaAI adds Forecasting to its Retrans Fee Management Service. Read the full article here.

The Growth of Multi-Family Housing: An Unexplored Trend Affecting Media Companies

Amidst all the industry conversation about “cord-cutting,” there exists an often-overlooked aspect to Pay TV subscriber numbers that may be skewing estimates of disconnections affecting MVPDs and programming networks: the shift in housing preferences by Americans from Single-Family Homes to Multi-Family Housing. Understanding this phenomenon will result in more informed forecasts of revenues for MVPDs and programmers alike. Read the full article here.

Could Media Companies Be Losing Millions in Digital Revenue?

Are traditional forms of revenue — such as the cable fee-based model — upon which media companies’ fortunes are based, collapsing under a wave of cord-cutting Internet subscribers? Read the full article here.

Reverse Compensation Management

Symphony MediaAI Adds Reverse Compensation Accounting to its Retrans Fee Management Service. Read the full article here.