Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

It is not just about TV households

Video Games

Video Game revenue is significant – and increasing precipitously. Gaming will exceed $100B in worldwide revenue this year, and nearly $170B by 2020, according to industry research firm SuperData Research. The emergence of this sector of the media industry has correspondingly ushered in the need to verify self-reported payments from intermediary distributors and for proper financial controls for such large sums of revenues.

Symphony MediaAI’s digital/transactional audit services for Video Game publishers offers the solution to many needs at one time. Contract term compliance is measured, variances in contractual interpretations are clarified, transactional data is broken down to the purchase level from higher-level, aggregated reporting, administration of promotions and other temporary term adjustments are reported and valuable, clean data for analytics purposes are provided in aggregate and by other criteria. Lastly, Video Game publishers’ management can comply with their duty to provide shareholders with the assurance they need that sufficient controls and oversight of vital revenue streams are in place.