Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

New eco-systems demand revenue validation


Validating mobile revenue streams. As revenue from mobile content flows directly from subscribers to mobile carriers, content providers need revenue validation they can bank on.

A mobile auditing program designed to support your growth. Symphony MediaAI uses a risk-based approach to auditing major wireless carriers that is tailored to mobile infrastructure. Following a thorough evaluation of a carrier’s IT architecture and reporting environment, Symphony MediaAI customizes its audit to validate mobile-subscriber authentication processes, reconstruct monthly subscriber counts, and recalculate fees due to content providers.

Reporting you can rely on. Symphony MediaAI’s exhaustive audit reports are designed to deliver the data you need to support all material variances (financial and non-financial) that result from incorrect interpretation of contract terms and source billing data.

Symphony MediaAI provides the following services to mobile providers: