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Broadcast Carriage Review

Ensuring Accuracy in Broadcast Signal Carriage


Symphony MediaAI has developed a reliable program to determine which Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs) and other distributors are located within specific Designated Market Areas (DMA’s).  Identifying operators within a DMA that are not authorized to transmit a broadcaster’s signal will help maximize revenue within each DMA.


BCR Program Highlights


  • Symphony MediaAI Will Only Use Publicly Available Information Sources to Determine all Operators Located Within Specific DMAs
  • Obtain all Corresponding Cities, Counties & Zip Codes Located Within a Station’s Home DMA
  • Identify Key Operators Within a DMA that do not have Retransmission Agreements with a Broadcaster
  • Determine Whether a Broadcaster is Receiving Remittances from Every Operator Within a DMA
  • Reporting Will Include a Comparative Analysis & Summary of Findings
  • Symphony MediaAI Will Confirm that Local Signals are Being Carried Throughout an In-Market Footprint
  • Mitigates Revenue Leakage of Retransmission &
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Personalized Account Management and Single Point of Customer Contact
  • 30 Years of Media Industry Expertise
  • Symphony MediaAI is True to Our Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Objectivity & Competency

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The media ecosystem is dynamic due to linear and broadcaster consolidations, system launches and channel lineup and packaging changes.  Symphony MediaAI’s dedicated team of professionals will determine which MVPDs and other distributors are located within specific DMAs to ensure that you have valid retransmission agreements with each broadcaster to ensure accuracy in reporting and remittances.

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