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Yearly Archives: 2015

Could Media Companies Be Losing Millions in Digital Revenue?

Are traditional forms of revenue — such as the cable fee-based model — upon which media companies’ fortunes are based, collapsing under a wave of cord-cutting Internet subscribers? Read the full article here.

Taming the License Fee Wilderness

It may seem like there’s a simple process of determining receivables from multichannel providers.  But funny things can happen on the way to revenue recognition. Read the full article here.

New Reverse Compensation Management Solution from MAI Simplifies Accounting Requirements for Broadcast Network Affiliates

With many broadcast television stations affiliated with a television network now obligated pay a portion of their retransmission consent fees back to their networks, MAI -Media Audits International, has integrated a Reverse Compensation Module into its widely utilized MAI VMetrics℠ Revenue Management Services (RMS) solution. Read the full article here.

Fact Sheet: Reverse Compensation Accounting

The good news is that Retransmission Consent revenues continue to grow.  However, fees paid to Networks can be complex to manage.  MAI’s addition of Reverse Compensation accounting and reporting completes the life cycle of financial reporting your company needs to provide all stakeholders with proper revenue assurance on a monthly basis.  By adding Reverse Compensation to your MAI VMetrics Revenue Management Services (RMS) solution, your company will benefit from a single unified solution, supported by a team dedicated to you business. Read the full article here.

Fact Sheet: RMS Forecasting 1.0

The good news is that retransmission consent revenues continue to grow. Now, in addition to the management of your Retransmission Fee processing, reporting and contract compliance, MAI can also support your needs with respect to the complex, multi-variable task of Forecasting. Read the full article here.

Tipping the TV Balance

Somewhat surprising consequences spring to light when one plays out scenarios for a la carte pricing, new over-the-top services and cord cutting. Read the full article here.